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Sistemas de minibiorreatores BioXplorer série 100/400/5000


The BioXplorer 100 is a high throughput, bioprocess screening system
designed for fermentation working volumes of just 20ml to 150ml in blocks of 8 individually controlled bioreactors.
Blocks can be combined to give even larger number of parallel reactors.
The BioXplorer 100 boosts productivity and enables rapid screening, process
development and full DoE experiments to be performed efficiently.
The modular design and extensive list of options means the BioXplorer 100 can be adapted to any application including microbial fermentation, C1 Gas fermentation and cell culture.

| Fully automated, high information content screening tool ideal for DOE studies
| Most compact system for optimised use of bench space
| Highly cost effective system for scalable, rapid, high throughput bioprocessing
| Ideal for cell line/strain screening, media optimisation and small scale process
| Suitable for robotic integration
| Choice of reactor sizes and and types including elevated pressure design (5 bar or 10 bar options)

| Parallel processing of up to 8 independent reactors. Up to 48 reactors can be controlled from a single PC
| Individual temperature and agitation control
| Proprietary mechanical, independent stirring design allows small
volume processing and achieve high gas uptake.
| Integrated liquid and gas feeds with options for gas mixing.
| Control of all parameters including pH, DO, and options for OD, foam detection and level.
| Optional Integrated exhaust gas analysis (OUR/CER)

| Reusable Glass or stainless steel reactors for standard or elevated pressure   fermentations.
| Specially designed headplates to accommodate all
probes and resources used at larger scale
| Working volumes from 20 ml to 150 ml thereby significantly reducing reagent costs
| Designed to be geometrically similar to larger scale

| Multi reactor control software with unlimited step recipe planning. Plans can be changed online at any time without process interruption
| Start and stop reactors individually or simultaneously
| Manage which parameters are logged and recorded with
customisable tabular and graphical displays
| Export data functions and integration with in-house electronic lab notebooks and record keeping systems
| DoE and QbD package integration.


 BioXplorer 400

4 ou mais biorreatores paralelos

Volumes de trabalho: 20 a 150 ml OU 50 a 400 ml

BioXplorer 5000

2 ou mais biorreatores paralelos

Volumes de trabalho: 400 ml a 1 L


Principais Aplicações

Parallel bioreactor platforms such as the BioXplorer enable high quality data to be generated more quickly with a compact footprint.  HEL offers the smallest classically designed bioreactors available with working volumes from just 20 ml. One challenge with highly instrumented, mini bioreactors is to make them easy 
to handle while maintaining performance and scalability.  The BioXplorer bioreactors have 
been improved with features to reduce turn-around times between experiments and  
improve performance. 
The design changes involve the gas, liquid and other connections through the lid: 
Welded Sparging Tube
The sparging tube is welded into the lid so it is always in the right place. However, the sparger type and position can still be changed easily.

Welded Liquid Dosing Ports 
A number of welded ports are provided, easy to clean but always in position with easy connection of pump tubing. 

Improved Agitation Features

The stirrer shaft is a thicker, solid steel rod which is welded into the lid – easy to clean, always in the right place and no risk of bending. The bottom section of the shaft allows different stirrer types (or multiple) stirrers to be fitted. This design change has also allowed faster stirring speeds and higher KLA values when relevant.

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