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ExProfile™ Gene qPCR Arrays

For high-throughput profiling of gene expression

The ExProfile™ Gene qPCR Arrays are designed for profiling the expressions of pre-made or customized sets of coding-genes in various tissues or cells.The resulting differential expressions of profiled genes help researchers to identify those that are biologically significant and relevant to their research. In each 96-well plate, there are up to 84 pairs of qPCR primers and 12 wells of controls which are used to monitor the efficiency of the entire experimental process – from reverse transcription to qPCR reaction.

Each pair of primers used in the qPCR arrays has been experimentally validated to yield a single dissociation curve peak and to generate a single amplification of the correct size for the targeted mRNA. A cDNA pool, containing reverse transcript products from total RNA of 10 different tissues, was used as the qPCR validation template.

A universal real-time PCR condition was developed for easy profiling and analysis of  the gene expression in a high-throughput fashion. The All-in-One™ First-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kits and qPCR Mix Kits are the recommended and supported RT-PCR reagents for use with the ExProfile™ gene qPCR arrays. These reagents have been optimized to produce high sensitivity, efficiency, and specificity.

Principais Aplicações

Key advantages

Validated mRNA primers

  • Each primer pair is designed using a proprietary algorithm and has been experimentally validated

Robust performance

  • Sensitive – Detects as low as 4 copies of RNA using ExProfile gene qPCR array and recommended reagents/conditions
  • Broad linearity – Simultaneously detects mRNAs at different expression levels
  • Reproducible – High reproducibility (R2> 0.99) for inter-array and intra-array replicates

Pre-arranged groups, or customized groups

  • Pre-arranged cancer-related groups
  • Pre-arranged pathway-related groups
  • Customized gene arrays for focused study

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