STEMpredict™ and STEMpredict™ HT

A specialized HALO® assay to predict cord blood stem cell "quality" and bankability and optimization of mobilized peripheral blood collection.
STEMpredict™ is part of the HemoGenix® "Best Practice Criteria Testing" Program

Uses of STEMpredict™
A specialized 3-day ATP bioluminescence HALO® assay performed on fresh umbilical cord blood prior to cryopreservation.
STEMpredict™ is used to ensure that the cord blood stem cells are viable and have sufficient functionality to be permanently stored.
STEMpredict™ HT is the only assay that can be used for high-throughput umbilical cord blood screening using either 96- or 384-well plate formats.
STEMpredict™ is also for mobilized peripheral blood, collected by apheresis, to determine if stem cells have been sufficiently mobilized.
STEMpredict™ promotes "Best Practice Criteria Testing".
Benefits of Using STEMpredict™ in the Stem Cell Processing Laboratory
STEMpredict™ is the only assay that can be used for high-throughput, cord blood screening using either 96- or 384-well plate formats.
Optimized mobilized peripheral blood collection and use.
Predicts stem cell growth, functionality and viability in 3 days.
Replaces all other functional assays with non-subjective, quantitative data.
Fast, easy to learn and use, and fully standardized allowing sample results to be directly compared with each other.
Incorporates ATP Bioluminomics™ technology, the most advanced and sensitive assay readout system available.
Incorporates Suspension Expansion Culture™ (SEC™) technology for optimal cell culture, growth and assay sensitivity.
Results within 30 min after cell culture.
Always reliable and reproducible, with low coefficients of variation (CVs).
FDA, AABB or FACT alternative “quality” assay.
STEMpredict@ is a Best Practices Assay and is one of the cell therapy assays included in the HemoGenix® Proficiency Testing Program using HALO®-PT

Please note that STEMpredict™ is not a potency assay. To measure hematopoietic stem cell potency, please see HALO®-96 PQR.

STEMpredict™ and STEMpredict™ HT Assays Available

To perform STEMpredict™, high throughput, a liquid handler (robot) is required

Tissues used with STEMpredict™
Umbilical cord blood
Mobilized peripheral blood
Bone marrow
Purified cells from any of the above
Cell Purity Requirements for Detection
The recomended cell purity is a mononuclear cell (MNC) fraction or higher purity. A total nucleated cell (TNC) fraction is not recommended as this contains high concentrations of cell impurities, such as red blood cells, neutrophils, platelets and other cells that dilute, mask and severely underestimate and even inhibit the detection of rare primitive stem cells.

Principais Aplicações
Cord Blood Stem Cells

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